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Addiction Center – Our guests’ reviews

After the therapy is over, we ask all guests of our Addiction Treatment Center about their feelings, impressions, and emotions related to their stay with us, as well as tips on what we can do to make our facility even more friendly and better prepared for hosting our guests. We want to improve each and every day to be able to help at the highest level and to respond to the needs and expectations of people with addiction who visit the Addiction Treatment Center. We are happy to present the opinions collected during our patients’ stay and after meetings with therapists to make the decision easier for those who are thinking about whether to come to us. We would like to thank our guests for all the kind words. It is the guests that provide us with a very large dose of motivation and enormous happiness with being able to help them effectively. Our mission is to create such a Center for People with Addictions in which everyone will be surrounded by respect, understanding, and home warmth. We believe that therapy conducted in an atmosphere like that can help them start a new and better life. If you are thinking about choosing a place to receive your therapy, we hope that these reviews will help you find out that this is a place for you too. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


 It’s a wonderful and necessary project! This idea definitely works and lets addicted people take a breath (…). It all gives them hope and a sense that life is good.

Now I’d like to come back here not as a patient any longer but to help you. It gives me power.

Paweł does a great job as a host.

Very good conditions and an even family atmosphere. I wouldn’t change anything.

The resort is unique and the program is inimitable. The people are very open, and the atmosphere is truly homely and friendly. I was afraid to change my life; I was afraid to live in sobriety. After the therapy, all I could be afraid of would be to come back to addiction. This fear is diminished thanks to the instruments and tips I have received, which makes me see that there is another way. The therapy showed me that I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! It showed me that I WANT! I WANT TO LIVE IN SOBRIETY!

A strong group and a reliable, trustworthy therapist! An understanding, open and funny owner! (…) A beautiful, intimate place, great views! A good bus! When I came, I was a dead man; I am leaving as a champion. Everything has changed in my head.

I met new, interesting people with very similar and even identical problems. I know that I’m not alone, seeing that others struggle with the same emotions. It was nice to talk to a super therapist who was available round the clock. So, not only available during group therapy, but also after it was over on a given day. A quite family atmosphere. Both therapist and owner were open-minded, warm, and kind. You can count on a great tour of Sicily. We visited many places together. The sun, which was almost always in the sky, does a good job every day. You want to live!

After staying at the center, I believe that contact with other alcoholics is the most important element in the process of sobering up. I came here badly damaged, and I’m leaving full of hope and faith.

One of our patients wrote a letter about Ranczo Salemi:

“Behind the great sea is the town of Salemi, which grows green all year round;

With its beauty, it will change your life.

When you get to the Ranch, uphill to Paweł, the terrible devil in you will be gone.

You will learn in your soul through yoga meditation how your life has been harmed by the infernal horns.

There you will find silence and inner peace – to feel much lighter when leaving this place.

You will meet people there, and you will discover a new purpose in life that will stop you from drinking any longer.

This kindness and magic of Ranczo Salemi will surely change your story;

it is a magical place on earth, indeed.”



Commitment 12! on a scale of 0/10, high-quality conduct of therapy, you can immediately see great preparation.

Contact with the group – great.

100% commitment and preparation, 100% quality of the conduct of therapy, 200% contact with the group

Clearly visible commitment and willingness to understand; giving space (…), apparent knowledge of the matter.

The therapist’s commitment 10/10, preparation 10/10, clear and understandable communication.

I got many valuable tips here. I’ve always known what I want, but now I know how. Thanks.

Good contact with the group; commitment, eagerness, and passion can be seen. Great activities.

I got tools, not promises. The practical and theoretical knowledge gained there allows me to enter a new chapter in my life with greater peace and hope for a better tomorrow.

We learned something new about ourselves every day, receiving an interesting solution, and support at the same time. I was looking forward to the next class.

I liked that everything was presented in a simple way. My problem was thoroughly discussed, and I could speak freely without shame and fear. The approach of Marek (a therapist) was professional, but at the same time, he showed warmth and understanding.

 I consider the group’s honesty and openness to be most useful. I would definitely recommend the Ranczo Salemi center to others.


 A new experience, a great, awesome trainer.

Very calming, a great tool.

Yoga allows us to get to know ourselves – it showed me how little I knew about my body and my spiritual condition.

Hari Kartar is a great teacher.

Yoga and therapy helped me a lot. While doing yoga, I could “discharge” / externalize what was brought up during the therapy…

Meditation, entering into myself… I felt amazing. Kundalini Yoga 10/10.

 When it comes to the usefulness of yoga in therapy, I think it’s a perfect idea. It’s a good way, and I’ll definitely implement it in my life. Composing and looking inside yourself.

Yoga is very helpful in the fight against addiction as well as depression and insomnia. It helped me calm down and free myself from negative thoughts.

If I can get rid of addictions, it is mainly thanks to yoga.

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