FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The center and our therapy

1. What kind of therapy is being conducted at the center?

Our addiction therapy uses only the most effective methods of combating addiction, combining the beneficial effects of classical psychotherapy, as well as working on the body and the spiritual sphere, through yoga and meditation. We also use Animal Assisted Therapy, or animal therapy. We use the benefits of science, inspired by the most modern therapeutic techniques with proven effectiveness – by introducing, among others:
• behavioral-cognitive training in problem-solving skills,
• motivational dialogue,
• learning about emotions and ways of dealing with them.

You can learn more about the methods of therapy here.

2. How long does I have to stay in there?
A basic version of the therapy is 2 weeks long. It is possible to extend it for another 2 weeks. Supportive and relapsing therapy lasts 1 week.
3. Can family members also count on the support of specialists from the center?
Yes, our specialists are going to contact with relatives regularly via video and phone calls.
4. I'm going to a thereapy center: what should I take with myself?
The patient have to take: sports clothing, hygiene products (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste), beach towel, swimsuit, comfortable sports clothing and comfortable sports footwear.
5. Is it possible to use a mobile phone or leave the center alone during therapy?
The mobile phone can be used only at scheduled hours. It is possible to leave the center, but you need to get the staff perrmission.
6. I would like to put my loved one in the center, what is the admission procedure and what is the drug treatment?
Please contact us by phone to arrange an appointment in Poland. We will suggest you a doctor, who is fully cooperating with our center, prescribe all medications needed and – if necessary – direct the patient to a detox, before going to Sicily. In the meantime, we will help you find a convenient air connection. Drug treatment is primarily about making the addicted person aware that he/she is suffering from an incurable, lethal disease that cannot be cured but can be inhibited. During the therapy, we provide tools that allow them to effectively cope with situations of alcohol consumption. We are encouraging the patient to find their own methods for dealing with crisis situations. We are focused on a healthy diet, habits and finding alternatives for addictive substances.
7. What if the patient wants to stop treatment?
We can’t force a patient to continue their treatment. If they decide to stop, we must respect it.
8. How to convince an addict to start therapy?
Do not force it. The person must feel the need to change themself. You can make contact with local AAA group members, who could possibly try to talk to the addicted person directly and encourage therapy.
9. Is anything forbidden?
Leave your personal computer at home – unless there is a clear consent for bringing it. Don’t take any perfume or eau de toilette, it does contain a lot of alcohol.
10. Is anybody going to pick me up from the airport?
Yes, we pick you up directly from the from Palermo or Trapani airport. We also organize a transfer from Catani airport.
11. Does the price of the therapy include the cost of a flight from Poland to Sicily?
No, the cost of the ticket is about several hundred zlotys but are going to help you with finding the most convenient air connection.
12. Is smoking in the therapy center allowed?
Yes, but only in designated places.
13. What does a typical day at the resort look like?

You will find more information on this subpage.

14. Is it obligated to have a health insurance while staying at Ranczo Salemi?
Polish citizens insured at NFZ are automatically insured in Italy. To use health care in Italy, it is obligated to have EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). You can order this card in 5 minutes in one of the NFZ point on the basis of an identity document or on-line.
If you don’t have NFZ health insurance, it is recommended to buy health insurence for the time of stay at Ranczo Salemi. 

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