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Located in an extremely picturesque spot in Sicily, Salemi Ranch is a centre for people addicted to alcohol, gambling and other stimulants. Situated at an altitude of 500 m above sea level, it is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and the best climbing and hiking regions in Europe. It is not surprising that the patients of our addiction treatment centre feel at home. This is guaranteed not only by a unique atmosphere of warmth, respect and safety but also the opportunity to commune with nature and the surrounding peace. Fantastic, even idyllic landscapes are a great background for what is most important to us – effective therapy that helps one regain control over their own life.

In a place like Salemi Ranch, addiction treatment is harmonious and smooth, and guests have the opportunity to open up and clear their minds to the utmost. Time passes slowly here, but it is filled with activities such as classic psychotherapy, meditation, yoga or animal assisted therapy. All of that is intended not only to make a stay at the centre extremely pleasant for people addicted to alcohol and other stimulants but also to mark the beginning of their new, better life without addictions. In addition to daily activities, guests are also given the opportunity to take part in the optional tours offered by our addiction treatment centre, thus taking advantage of the benefits of the region we are based in.

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Paweł Durakiewicz, founder of the centre

A centre for people with alcohol, gambling and other addictions – is that a place for me?

A trip to a place like the Addiction Treatment Centre in Sicily is a very big step and a way to temporarily cut ourselves off from our everyday life, full of difficulties. However, we should not treat it as an escape from the problem. Quite the opposite – it is here that addiction treatment is very effective; the reason is that in a new place, we are usually more open to new experiences. With the help of psychotherapists, we open up to ourselves, and it is easier for us to understand our own fears, anxiety and barriers. In such a beautiful place as Salemi in Sicily, it is easier for us to see the possibilities ahead and to appreciate what is really beautiful in life. Here, beauty is at your fingertips, and the photos presented in the gallery above perfectly illustrate this. Choose our Centre for people with alcohol and other addictions, and fight for your life.

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