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Daily Routine, Prices and Additional Activities

Our Daily Routine and Price List

Monday – Friday

7:30 yoga and meditation

9:00-10:00 breakfast

10:00-14:00 therapeutic session

14:00-15:00 dinner

15:00-16:30 free time

16:30-18:30 time for activities

19:00-20:00 supper

20:00-21:00 yoga and meditation

21:00-22:30 free time

22:30 night’s rest


7:30-9:00 yoga and meditation

9:00-9:30 breakfast

10:00-18:00 time for activities

19:00-20:00 supper

20:00-21:00 yoga and meditation

22:30 night’s rest

Price List

4 weeks of therapy – 16 500 PLN

2 weeks of therapy – 10 500 PLN

The offer includes:

– Transfer from the Palermo airport
– Full board
– Group and individual therapy
– Daily yoga and meditation
– Optional excursions and activities (admission tickets included)

The List of possible Activities (Weekends only)


It’s a combination of a surfboard and a kayak. It is a great exercise for the upper parts of the body that everyone can do at their own pace, while interacting with nature. When performing paddle boarding you have to keep your posture straight, balance on slightly bent legs and hold the paddle properly. Exercises in the sea can start with sitting, lazy drifting can also be pleasant and ideal for beginners. Swimming on SUPs is a great proposition for anyone who is not afraid of new challenges.

The Beach

If you are the lover of calm and relaxing atmosphere, we highly recommend you exploring the most beautiful beaches of Sicily! Admiring the picturesque sunsets and beautiful views is always a proper idea for managing a free afternoon. Relaxation can be also combined with swimming in the sea – it’s an ideal way to study the temperature of the sea, which far exceeds the temperature of our cool Baltic Sea.


Boat trips on the Egadi Islands are the perfect way to discover the picturesque views of the archipelago and the coast of Sicily. During this cruise, you can dive with scuba diving equipment, try snorkeling or just swim in blue water. Practicing water sports is a great proposition, especially for people who would like to discover the secrets of the underwater world of Sicily.


For the lovers of discovering new places, we organize trips combined with visiting the most beautiful towns of Sicily such as Erice, Trapani, Castelmare del golfo and Cefalu. We highly recommend you seeing the mysterious Ghost Towns – ruins which are believed to be abandoned by city dwellers. Those places are still undiscovered by tourists, in which – when starting the imagination- we can easily recall the image of the old buzz of everyday life. It is worth to feel the unique atmosphere of the Sicilian culture and get to know some history, thanks to which we will, even for a moment, move to the Middle Ages.


This is one of the most beautiful places to see in Sicily. The highest and largest active volcano in whole Europe. Climbing the volcano provides unforgettable impressions and breathtaking views of the entire island. Entry by cable car to a height of 2500 meters costs approx. 30 EUR with return. If we want to reach a height of 2,900 meters with jeeps, the cost will double. There is also a possibility to ride with quads! If you pick this activity, you must bring some comfortable shoes and warm clothes with you – in higher parts the temperature can drop to several degrees.


There are currently 139 hiking trails in all of Sicily – 128 tourist routes, 9 long tourist routes and 2 urban walks are waiting to be discovered. Routes vary from 3 to 23 km depending on the route chosen. One of the most popular are: Cozzo Luminario (3.4 km,) Rocca di Novara (5.3 km,) Monte Cofano (8.1 km) and M. Soro and Lago Biviere (23.7 km). Trekking is an ideal form of spending free time for lovers of extreme adventures..

Bike trips

Visiting the corners of picturesque Sicily on bicycles is a great way to spend your free time actively. A few-hour cycling trip combined with discovering nearby villages, towns and national parks is an ideal way to discover the richness of culture and the beauty of nature. We always choose moderately easy routes, accessible to all, regardless of the level of participants’ advancement.

In the Footsteps of The Godfather

The admirers of the cinema’s classics are invited to take a tour in the footsteps of one of the most iconic characters. The Godfather will take us to places that Francis Ford Coppola chose as landscapes of old Sicily. We will visit Savoca, which since 2008 is inscribed on the list of the most beautiful cities in Italy, the interior of the Vitelli bar (resembled a museum full of souvenirs related to the work of Coppola), the church of San Nicolo, the town of Forza d’Agro or the Massimo Theater in Palermo known from the third part of the trilogy – it is the third largest opera house in Europe.

Olive Oil Factory

Azienda Fontanasalsa is a working olive farm, exporting their premium products to some of the best restaurants in the world. This is a unique trip, during which you will learn how to produce olive oil – one of the most important export products of Sicily. It is an opportunity to learn about pressing olives and tasting different types of ready-made products during a meal at a local restaurant.

Segestane natural hot springs

Terme di Segesta is one of the most interesting Sicilian locations, especially recommended in the autumn and winter months. Nearly at the foot of the archaeological monuments in Segesta – described in every known guide – a hot thermal spring strikes from under the earth, with a temperature of 47 degrees Celsius! It is worth remembering that these waters are famous for their healing properties, helping in the treatment of inflammation of the joints, bones, rheumatism or skin diseases. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the warm Sicilian lakes and let yourself relax in the beautiful scenery paying… absolutely nothing!

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