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One of the biggest problems among today’s youth is a drug addiction. More and more people fall into this dangerous habit, not realizing its possible consequences for both health and life. They do not even notice that at some point they are no longer able to stop it by themselves. In this situation, only highly professional treatment can help.

Are they addicted yet? How to recognize a drug addiction

Drug addiction is characterized by several symptoms. First of all, there are few changes in the behavior of an addicted person, that are clearly visible to people from their immediate environment. They become more nervous, hyperactive and even aggressive – gradually losing interest in what has been important to them, such as meeting with friends or developing their passion. The body is starting to demand more and more doses of drugs, slowly takes control over the addict’s life. The patient is no longer able to quit the drug on their own, even if he or she has the will and is aware that it harms his / her health. At this stage, addicted person therapy is already a must.

What is the essence of properly conducted drug addiction ‘s treatment?

There are several ways to work with drug addicts. They are adjusted to individual’s needs, including the type of drug they have been using and the actual state of their addiction. Therapy can be short-term and last for 6-8 weeks, or long-term, lasting up to about 2 years. Short-term treatment usually takes place in a hospital or psychiatric clinic, whereas long-term treatment takes place in specialized centers dealing with the treatment of this type of addiction. Professional centers undertake to work with people whose addiction is already advanced.

The most commonly used treatment methods are:

  • the abstinence therapy, during which addicts learn how to overcome drug craving and acquire valuable social skills that help them in everyday life without addiction
  • working with a therapist, whose task is to find (as a result of cooperation between him and an addict) true cause of reaching for drugs, as well as teaching them how to deal with problems in a different, appropriate way
  • working in a group of people who are also addicted to drugs. This method is used for long-term treatment and helps sick people to learn functioning in society and find themselves in everyday life.

How to convince an addict to use the therapy?

People with addiction problems are usually convinced that they do not need any help. It often happens that only a significant change in life makes them aware of how wrong they were. This could be, for example, job loss or partner’s departure. However, it is not always the case that the addict himself wants to be treated. Usually, relatives must devote a lot of time and perseverance to persuading them to therapy.

How to talk with an addict? The worst thing you can do is accuse, insult or threaten them. This behavior can have the opposite effect: the drug addict will close in and plunge into his problem.

Addicted must be aware that they can count on the support of their relatives in every kind of situation. They must also know how important they are to their relatives, who only want them to get better. Such conversations are very difficult, so you have to be particularly gentle during them. Only in this way you can convince the drug addict that therapy is the best solution for them, which will help their get rid of the addiction.


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