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The last time. How many times so far have you reached for another plot, glass or token claiming that you are doing it for the last time? Now is the time to deal with your addiction and bet on an addiction treatment center that will help you get rid of it!


Face your addiction – when you should go to the therapy?

Another unsuccessful attempt to quench the addiction, another family suggestion to start therapy at the addiction treatment center. You, however, don’t have the slightest desire to sit on the proverbial couch and listen to the morals fixed by a completely foreign person. You feel fear, embarrassment and shame – after all, this person will surely be tempted to petty, comment or call you an addict. Maybe you do even think that the true addiction begins at the moment we call it loud in publicly when starting treatment?

Think again, because properly selected treatment can change your life forever. Forget about the overwhelming office and troublesome questions – modern therapies are carried out in small groups with shared experiences. In fact, you will meet those who think, feel and .. need help like you. As a result of many conversations and workshops, you will work out a common strategy of getting out of addiction, which you will put into your own life – without the least coercion from the therapists. Instead of being afraid of the course of rehabilitation, think about when you sign up for the therapy.

And remember, taking addiction therapy is a symptom of your strength, not weakness!


Choose the best addiction treatment center

Choosing the right addiction treatment center is one of the most important decisions in the process of getting out of the addiction. Depending on your preferences and financial possibilities, you can opt for a refunded public facility or a discreet trip to a private resort located away from the city noise. The Ranczo Salemi addiction treatment center is located at the picturesque Italian Sicily, so well known to us from the Godfather movie. Beautiful location is not everything – it is worth paying attention to:


Quality of specialists

A long list of diplomas and completed training does not prove a therapist. Search for professionals with both theoretical and practical knowledge. After the training, did they become involved in additional projects? Do they work in charity? Or maybe they have experience working with people similar to you? A specialist in everything is not a specialist for you!

In our addiction treatment center you will only find people with passion, devoting every free moment to help those in need. Each of them is characterized by excellent professional training combined with practical knowledge of the difficult environment of people struggling with, among others: addictions, violence or the breakdown of relationships. Our team will also support you in the fight against strong emotional states (such as depression, anxiety or fears), effectively supporting the passage of the hunger phase.


Attitude towards the addicted

All attempts to evaluate, moralize or criticize have no right to exist during therapy. The first days of therapy are usually associated with paralyzing fear, which accumulated in a given person over the years. Lack of trust, fear, uncertainty, anger, stress or shame – all these emotions can be released only as a result of the unlimited trust of the therapist, resulting in a desire to improve their lives.

Ranczo Salemi is an unique addiction treatment center, focused on the effective fight against addictions through harmonization with nature (classes with animals) and the world (elements of meditation and yoga). The innovative method has freed from the addiction trap founder of our institution – whose inspirational story you can get to know here – and who will always be happy to talk to you about the hardships of combating the effects of addiction. By subordinating the course of therapy to Mr. Paweł’s personal experience, the addiction treatment center guarantees you all the tools necessary to free yourself from the influence of the addiction, perfectly understanding the state in which you are currently. Trust us and give yourself a chance to regain the joy of life!


The necessity to carry out research before admission to the center and the principles of cooperation with the family

If the therapeutic center does not have a wide-ranging diagnosis in the therapeutic program, using its services may be dangerous to health. The lack of contact with the family makes it impossible to monitor the progress, undermining the credibility of the institution.

Despite the remote location, the Ranczo Salemi addiction center guarantees a full package of necessary medical examinations in your country (even before departure), verifying the current health condition of the addict in one of the medical centers cooperating with us. The progress of treatment is constantly consulted with family through telephone and video calls.


An effective addiction therapy: make the right decision

Do you feel that you have lost control of your life? Or maybe at the moment you are balancing on the thin line between normality and addiction? Take steps towards a new, conscious life and start the fight with addiction starting addiction therapy today!


Why is it worth?

  • We are just like like you. Our founder defeated exactly the same path as you are currently on – he overcame his addiction (alcoholism), and uses the accumulated knowledge in adapting addiction therapy to the specificity of living with addiction (and its symptoms).
  • No closures and restrictions. Staying on therapy should bring relief to the nerves, giving time to rebuild your personality. Our addiction therapy does not discriminate against anyone, guaranteeing free will among others when choosing weekend activities. You can also leave the resort at any time.
  • You will regain inner peace. Therapeutic classes are interspersed with regular yoga and meditation practice – allowing you to rebuild your physical and mental strength. It is also a great way to silence negative emotions in later independent life. Find out more about the methods used in our addiction therapy.
  • You will open to the world. Life in addiction usually involves being on the verge of social margin, rejection and loneliness. Thanks to our addiction therapy, you will leave the darkness with the help of inspirational activities (including animals), discovering the charms of the island or meeting people like you. For the sake of your comfort, our groups do not exceed 12 people.

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