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Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to connect the mind and the body, using breathing exercises and physical positions. It improves our mood, strengthens selected parts of muscles, allows us to find a sense of peace and inner balance. What are the other advantages of yoga? What influence can it have on our body and mind?

Yoga and its impact on our body and condition

Body and mind interpenetrate each other. The state of mind affects not only our well-being but also our health condition. Similarly, the state of the body has a huge impact on our energy, vitality and attitude to the world and other people. Yoga is a technique that we can practice at every stage of our lives. Perfection is achieved by gaining next levels of yoga: physical, mental and spiritual. The exercises primarily increase cardiovascular endurance, reduce fearfulness and hostility. They also help to reduce body fat and mental pressure. Appropriately practiced, yoga does improve circulation in various organs – especially in the brain and heart. In addition, it speeds up metabolism and stimulates the glands of internal secretion. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, the practice rejuvenates the body and prevents aging.

The influence of yoga on our mind

By practicing yoga, you can achieve a state of full relaxation and tranquility. Exercises contribute to achieve happiness and harmony by the human body, making them the best remedy for most of physical and mental problems. The performed positions combined with the breathing technique affect the internal excretory glands directly, which are responsible for taking nutrients from the blood and secreting hormones. After the exercises a state full of peace and balance is felt – yet, at the same time, the body is filled with energy, causing bad thoughts and worries go away. By relaxing the muscles and joints, exercise concentration with maintaining a steady breath, the attention of the practitioner goes inward. This allows an addict to calm down their ever-active mind and accumulate energy.

How to properly practice yoga?

Yoga should be practiced under the supervision of a vigilant teacher, especially at its initial stages. The exercises must be performed in a very precise way to reach every part of the body from skin, muscles, joints, to its internal organs. By following this procedure, each cell can by cleansed and oxygenated.

Changes in well-being, posture and breathing can be noticed after a few classes. However, long-term effects are not immediate, but yoga exercises reach the source of problems, so it is worth being persistent.

Regularly performed breathing and relaxation exercises improve the ability to work and concentrate. After a certain period of exercise, as a result of body cleansing and conscious contact with our interior, we begin to sense the connections that occur between diet, physical activity, contacts with other people, our health and well-being. Such sensitivity is a priceless treasure along the path of holistic development – physical, emotional and spiritual.

“Yoga develops the body, subject the mind to discipline and broadens the horizons of the spirit. Man becomes balanced and resistant to suffering and pleasure, losses and profits, shame and glory of defeat and victory. ” B.K.S Iyengar


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