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The ability to take risk adequate to the rate is currently one of the most desirable skills in the business sphere. A quick reward also tempts you in your everyday life, sinking in debt regardless of your age and economic status. At some point, however, one should set a border that protects us from falling into addiction. Do you think that the treatment of addiction to gambling is not for you? Let us dispel your doubts!


Treatment of gambling addiction – when is it worth to ask for help?

How does an addiction begin? Encouraged by an advertising message or a recommendation of friends, we decide on a form of entertainment that takes into account a randomly awarded prize – initially it is a symbolic amount, a trifle or recognition of the companion. With time, we become addicted to risk, more and more willingly reaching for more scratch cards, higher pots in cards or more expensive casino chips. At some point, we start to indebt ourselves in order to play the next game – seeing it as a chance for the so-called playing out.

The treatment of addiction to gambling can be extended to any game of money or other valuable items, the acquisition of which is dependent on fate, including i.e.:

  • Lotteries, scratch cards and number games
  • Games using bones, cards, slot machines or other devices
  • Sports and regular bets, races – betting on results and winners, events (i.e. Nobel Prizes, Grammy Awards, Oscar Awards)
  • Casinos, online casinos, stock market games
  • Audiotele games, promotional lotteries


Remember that the game stays fun only until you control the amount of time, resources and commitment devoted to it. If you feel that despite the desire you can not stop playing, you have fallen victim to pathological gambling and require treatment for addiction to gambling.

You need to know that pathological gambling is a progressive disease. In practice, this means that the longer you withhold the initiation of addiction therapy, the worse consequence can befall you and your loved ones. The accumulation of loans and debts incurred by private individuals can bring you a spiral of debt, problems with creditors, loss of jobs, family breakdown and even suicide attempts.


Effective addiction therapy – get to know our innovative methods

The development of gambling addiction depends on a number of factors, including problems in interpersonal relationships, strong states of arousal occurring at irregular intervals or disturbances in self-evaluation. Get to know the innovative methods used in our addiction therapy and their beneficial effects:

  • The main goal of our addiction therapy is to exclude the above conditions by combining the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation. Sequentiality of repetition affects the quietening of the mind while the varied asanas strengthen the control over the body (and its physical reflexes). An important element of addiction therapy is also meditation, allowing you to control extreme emotional states. The desired side effect is the cleansing of the mind, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.
  • The use of animals in classes promotes the improvement of interpersonal relationships, stimulating participants of addiction therapy to communicate feelings to the world and build and maintain bonds. Their presence effectively reduces the depressive mood – as it has been proven, petting their fur is one of the most effective ways to calm down. In our center you will have the chance to make friends with dogs, alpacas or donkeys.
  • During the treatment of addiction to gambling, we will give you tools to fight the addiction, which you will be able to use freely after you end your stay at the resort. We will teach you the mechanisms to control your needs, the correct assessment of the situation and ways to effectively silence negative emotions. In the course of addiction therapy, we will jointly set out a recovery plan, the implementation of which will be consulted together until a complete break with gambling.

Importantly, you will stay under the constant care of our qualified staff that will help you reach the roots of the addiction and effectively spill them out. Do you love the risk? If so, we dare you to fight for a better life and take addiction treatment before long ruining your life!


Addiction treatment center – private or public?

The main disadvantage of public addiction treatment centers is the excessive accumulation of addicts, which translates into a large number of needy in combination with a small number of therapists with general specializations. These centers are very often located in cities, which makes it much easier to get objects satisfying an addiction.

We offer you to undertake the treatment of addiction to gambling in a picturesque setting, abounding in beautiful monuments, stunning nature and … omnipresent tranquility. Ranczo Salemi is an addiction treatment center located in Sicily, characterized by a highly qualified team and small therapeutic groups (up to 12 people) – allowing you to focus on each of the stories. A warm, friendly climate helps focus on getting out of the addiction and an interesting recreational offer supports finding a new hobby – which may become your new life passion.


Take the fate in your hands and start addiction therapy at Ranczo Salemi!


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