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All addictions bring a serious risk to our health, life and social situation. In the era of ubiquitous entertainment and access to a variety of games, addiction to gambling is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. Where does this problem come from, how to recognize it, and what are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

A simple way to danger – the symptoms of gambling addiction

According to specialists and psychologists, the main threat in this type of addiction is its illusory harmlessness combined with the awareness, that the uncontrolled introduction to the spiral of games “does certainly not concern me”. At the beginning gambling seem to be a joyful fun, a panacea for boredom or low self-esteem, also considered as an innocent form of entertainment and great opportunity to get a specific pot of cash. At some point, it turns out eventually, that gambling gains full control over the person’s mind and life, causing almost impossible to understand their difficult situation and what’s more important, to stop the game.

How do we understand gambling? The term does include all types of games, whose aim is to get money or other valuable items, and their result does not depend on the player’s skill, but only on the case. This point is one of the main pitfalls of an addict.

What symptoms should make us aware of the problem?

  • devoting more and more time to playing and looking for opportunities to gamble,
  • a notorious tendency to increase rates,
  • the constant addict’s need to prove their own values and skills to themself and others,
  • an obsessive thinking about the game, activated with increased frequency,
  • progressive disappearance of a real assessment of the situation,
  • loss of funds, winding up the spiral of debts,
  • loss of pleasure from the game understood as a source of entertainment, followed by the feeling of a strong need to continue participating in it,
  • lying to loved ones and the breakdown of family ties,
  • strong and continuous need to feel the emotions associated with the game and risk,
  • increasing social isolation, apathy, aggression,
  • psychosomatic disorders caused by stress.

Treatment of addiction to gambling – the only way to a valuable life

When you’ve noticed the above symptoms in yourself or in your loved one’s behavior, seek appropriate help in the treatment of addiction to gambling. Participation in the therapy will help dismiss all the threats, which include not only bankruptcy and incurring high loans, but also family splits, social degradation, problems with the law or even suicide attempts. Research shows that the largest group among gamblers is made up of men from large cities, aged between 30 and 40. What’s more, up to 30% of them have a strong tendency to help themselves with drugs and alcoholism. It is a clear signal that adequate and immediate help in the effective treatment of addiction to gambling will allow good results and return to the proper functioning in the family and society.

Fighting with difficulties – therapy centers

When a dangerous addiction progresses, we cannot wait indifferently for the situation to develop. We must do everything possible to help an addict, leading them to find a real psychological basis for their gambling addiction, which will create an opportunity to change their concept of life and work on personal development. Remember that gambling is an increasingly common problem, that becomes a bottomless well. Each addiction leads to physical, psychological and social degradation, which is why we should fight for a person’s new future – at this time in harmony with their conscience and consciousness.


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